• Hey, we're Mark and Shelby Smeltzer, owners of a new family-owned company, Smeltzer Studios! We know, we have no clue how we came up with the name either...


    During the COVID-19 lockdown, we decided to write our very own feature film script as we patiently waited to return to our jobs when film sets reopened. We discovered our love for the entire process (not just what we're trained in)! Trial by fire, attempting to sell our own feature film taught us the realities of filmmaking we had yet to learn.


    This led to us offering our expertise in the field to other aspiring writers and media professionals by creating their pitch materials, writing content, providing coverage, and proofreading their content. We felt called by God to make more spiritual content, thus Smeltzer Studios was born! Since 2020, we have offered services for screenwriting, ghostwriting, copywriting, script coverage, speech writing and coaching, building pitch materials, and voiceover.


    We're focused on making Christian-based content, starting with our current slate of films and our breakout animation film currently in development, Nascence. We specialize in helping you abolish your victim mentality, achieve your greatest potential in the entertainment industry, and leave a better world for future generations.



    Filmmakers and Storytellers

    Time is your most important asset. Quantity begets quality. We'll spend time with you and your project, catering to its wants and needs. May the best idea win.

    Speakers and Performers

    If you have a speech or performance prepared, we'll coach you towards perfection. If you wish to create a speech or performance, we'll craft your message with you and cater it to your audience.

    Personal Brands and Products

    Conversion is your biggest money maker whether you're an individual selling a course or a company selling a product. Our copy has proven conversion rates! We'd love to help you optimize your business!

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