"I enjoy hands-on learning experiences. Mark got me to come out of my shell (so to speak) when on camera. Even though I'm an extrovert by nature, the video medium can be awkward initially. In addition to that, the homework was super relevant. Passionately speaking into the camera on a wide variety of topics, helped me loosen up and find my emotions. My media training sessions with Mark were invaluable to me. We don't always know how we come across on camera. The sessions assisted me in building my confidence and calm; a winning combination when doing live video. Thank you!" - Joel from Los Angeles, CA


    “I had just three sessions with Mark. He uses a very thought-provoking and candid style of coaching which took my speech from practically hopeless to one that had a smooth through-line and was engaging and powerful to the listener! I am mega grateful for the help he gave me as I was able to confidently and gracefully deliver a very compelling and effective 15 minute speech. Thank you, Mark!” - Sandra C. from Dallas, TX

  • Copywriting

    Kitsch Shampoo Bar — Sample Copy by Shelby Sloan Smeltzer


    Kitsch’s Castor Oil was listed as the 2021 best-selling shampoo bar because of people like you! You’re into sustainable products, nourishing your body, and looking great at the same time.

    The Kitsch shampoo bar promotes healthy hair growth, moisturizes your scalp to decrease hair damage, and lathers better than bottle shampoo. Ditch the plastics for only fourteen dollars and get sixty washes of strong, beautiful hair toxin free. The Earth and your hair will thank you, head over to the Kitsch website, we’ve been waiting for you.


    Commercial for TOXIC Burger by Mark M. Smeltzer


    “Welcome to — — can — order — — “

    That’s not how a drive thru experience should be!

    Stop By Toxic on West 11th and check out the awesome drive thru experience. Great food, Great service. Now faster and more convenient!

    Toxic — the food that brings people together!



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